Frequently Asked Questions

What is Giftr?

Giftr is a gift giving service designed to provide unique gift options from local businesses and creators. When you purchase a Giftr, your recipient will choose a gift from our collection, helping you give the perfect gift every time.

How do I send a Giftr?

There are two ways to send a Giftr: individually or as part of a bundle order. With an individual order, you provide your recipient’s name, country, and email address - we take it from there! Individual orders are sent right away, so your recipient will get an email with instructions for selecting their gift once your payment is processed. With bundle orders, you can schedule when you want your recipients to select their gifts, include your company logo on emails to your recipient, and complete one order and payment for all of your gifts at no additional cost! We’ll provide a template to help you organize your recipient information and take care of all your orders.
Visit to place an order.

I've received a Giftr, how do I redeem it?

You should have received an email with a link to take you to the Giftr collection for your country. Follow the link to select one of the available gifts and provide your name and shipping address.
We will reach out if there are any problems with your selection. Please reach out to if you have any questions or concerns.

I have redeemed a Giftr but my gift hasn't arrived. What should I do?

Oh no! We are sorry that this has happened. Please know that the Giftr team is always working with our local creators to make sure your gift gets to you.
Due to our products being locally made, they are often available in small batches and can take a few weeks to arrive. If the gift is out of stock or unable to ship right away, we may reach out to see if you want to choose a new gift. Check your inbox to make sure you haven’t missed an email from us!

Please contact if you have any concerns you would like to discuss or if you have been waiting for your gift for more than a month.

When should I send a Giftr?

A Giftr is great for any occasion! Birthdays, holidays, and corporate giving are just a few of the reasons you may want to send a gift. Once ordered, gifts can take a few weeks to arrive. If you want a gift to arrive by a certain day you may want to order and have your recipient choose their gift early.

Where can I send a Giftr?

We are continuously adding new products and countries to Giftr. Our current countries include: - Canada - US
- UK
- Australia - Japan
- Germany
- The Netherlands
- Ireland
- Spain
- Mexico
- South Africa
- Hong Kong
Don’t see the countries you need? Let us know! We are always adding new countries and we’d love to hear where you want to send gifts. Email us at to suggest a new country.

How much does a Giftr cost?

A Giftr is available for $50 USD. This includes all shipping, taxes, and additional fees.