Frequently Asked Questions

What is Giftr?

Giftr is a personalized gifting service catured to support unique gift options from local-run businesses. By allowing the recipient to select their gift from a diverse catalogue allows the recevier to autonomy to choose their desired gift. ‚ÄčIdeal for corporate gifts, birthdays, holidays, and more.‚Äč

How do I send a Giftr to someone?

Very simply! Navigate to and if you wish to browse the potential gifting options, select the View Giftr Options. Once you are satisfied, select the Purchase Giftr option to input all required information to send a Giftr. Once information is filled, proceed to payment and voila... It's that simple! You and your Giftr will receive an email with all instructions required on how to redeem their Giftr!

How do I redeem a Giftr?

If you have received a Giftr, congradulations! Redeeming a Giftr is intuitive and rewarding (literally)! Simply head on over to Select your country of residence and browse through the diversly curated assortment of locally sourced gifts. Once you have found your desired option, head on over to checkout which will instruct you to enter a shipping address and voila... your Giftr has been redeemed!

I have redeemed by Giftr however, I have not recevied my gift in the mail

Oh no! Rest assured the Giftr team will make sure that your gift is delivered to you in no time. However, please be aware that certain gifts may take a few weeks to deliver to certain locations. If you have waited for your gift for longer than one month, please get in touch with us at and we will be able to provide you with assistance right away!