Feel Good About the Gifts You Give

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

There are a lot of reasons to feel good about giving gifts! This simple act can be a powerful force for showing someone that you care about them and can strengthen your relationships. When you give a gift, you should feel good about the gift that you are giving and not just feel like you are completing a task or doing something out of obligation.

In recent years, sustainable, eco-conscious products and companies have become more prominent than ever. Conversations around supporting local businesses and promoting sustainable alternatives have been all around us. As people are becoming more aware of these topics and making conscious shopping decisions, the positive impact of giving a gift can extend far beyond the lives of the gifter and the recipient. When you give a gift to someone, you should be able to recognize the positive impact that your gift has and feel good about it.

Supporting Local Creators

Supporting a local business means that you are directly investing in the community. Making purchases from these small businesses helps them to create local jobs, produce unique products, and support their families. When you give a gift from a local creator, your money stays in the community and helps people achieve their dreams. Even a small purchase can help fuel someone’s creative passion. Communities rely on their local businesses and the entrepreneurs that drive them. You should feel good about purchasing a locally made gift and supporting an independent creator!

Sustainable Alternatives

Giving gifts that are environmentally friendly, biodegradable, and recyclable can reduce the carbon footprint associated with gift giving and have a positive ripple effect through other aspects of people's lives. Giftr strives to provide sustainable gift options and small-scale domestic production. Many of the products we feature are hand made or produced in small batches with sustainability in mind, including soaps and skincare products made with all natural ingredients, eco-friendly cleaning kits, and ethically sourced, handcrafted snacks. Making sustainable choices and giving environmentally friendly gifts is something that you should feel good about.

Reducing Waste

By giving your recipients a gift of their choosing, you can help reduce waste. Generic gifts that don’t feel personal or meaningful can go unused or end up in the trash. People have individual needs, styles, and preferences, so finding gifts that people want can be challenging, especially with new employees and clients that you may not know well. When you give a Giftr, you know that your recipient is able to choose a gift that works for them and the risk of gifts becoming waste is significantly reduced.


You should feel good about giving a Giftr. Your gift is one that has a positive impact on the lives of local creators, their families, and the environment. Giving a gift can be a powerful way to connect with someone and show them that you care. Allowing your recipient to choose their gift helps ensure that they get something that they want to have, giving you peace of mind knowing that your gift will not be discarded or left unused. Our hope is that you will feel as good giving a Giftr as your recipient feels getting one.

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