The Power of Meaningful Corporate Gift Giving

Do you remember the feeling of getting a gift when you were a child?

Getting a gift is magical for a child. There’s an overwhelming sense of wonder and anticipation that comes from seeing a wrapped box or mysterious gift bag. Your mind swirls with ideas of what could be hiding inside. A sense of eagerness and excitement fill the room.

This feeling is infectious and it can be just as exciting to give someone the perfect gift as it is to be given something you have always wanted. Watching someone’s face light up and sharing the joy that they feel can be an incredibly powerful force for bringing people together. It’s no surprise that gift giving is a common way to celebrate holidays. Gift giving has become a language for showing someone that you care and appreciate them.

When you think of the most memorable gifts that you have received throughout your life, what do you remember? The details may be foggy, but the feelings are familiar.

Joy. Delight. Warmth.


Corporate gifting can be a powerful force for connecting teams, showing people that you care, and conveying a sense of joy and delight, but it doesn’t happen on it’s own. The most impactful gifts are personal and something that the recipient sees value in receiving. Giving a gift is a way of creating a moment for genuine connection and showing someone that you care about them.

As an adult, these moments of joy and excitement can be harder to find. When they happen, they are even more powerful.

Traditional corporate gifts often consist of branded hoodies, water bottles, or bags. Gift cards and standardized gift baskets can be a familiar site. It’s not unusual for everyone to get the same items.

This doesn’t evoke the same feelings of joy.

Corporate gifting practices often feel impersonal and generic. Gifts may not be something the recipient necessarily needs or wants. There isn’t the same anticipation, excitement, and emotional connection. It doesn’t feel the same to receive a gift that doesn’t seem specific to you.

It doesn’t feel the same to give these generic gifts either. There isn’t the same personal connection or excitement for the person giving the gift. Giving gifts to a lot of people is a challenge. It is much easier to give everyone the same gift, especially if you don’t know them well.

Corporations that give the same generic, branded gifts to all of their connections are not creating the positive, uplifting impact that they could be. They might not fully understand the impact that a seemingly simple gift can have. For some, a corporate gift is a simple throw away, something given out of expectation without a clear purpose.

Corporate gifting doesn’t have to be this way. Making a conscious choice to give a meaningful gift turns the simple act of gift giving into a powerful means to connect with someone.

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