1 Cup, 2 Functions: Coff Go Set

1 Cup, 2 Functions: Coff Go Set

The Coff Cup was designed for coffee lovers who appreciate good quality and smart durable design. Turn the Coff Cup cover over and this portable glass cup becomes a drip coffee maker. Simple! The Coff Cup is leak-proof with its high-grade silicon seal, and you can be sure to keep your drink warm by sliding and closing the drinking gap.

For serious coffee lovers, the CoffGo Set comes with a drip coffee kettle in a sleek soft casing, perfect for picnics or travelling. 


CoffGo Set includes:

  • HOLOHOLO Coff Cup
  • Drip coffee kettle
  • Soft Casing



  • Cup is 340ml, Kettle is 250ml
  • Cover is made of Polypropylene plastic and silicone
  • Glass cup is made of Pyrex Borosilicate glass which is lead and BPA-free
  • Soft casing is made of water resistant polyester mixed fabric
  • About the business

    While on a trip to Australia's Great Barrier Reef, Pass It On's founder, Michelle, was both astounded by its beauty amidst the destruction and saddened by the dire state of our planet’s largest coral reef. 

    Pass It On products pay tribute to iconic travel destinations that are endangered due to climate change.