Basket of Artisan Soaps

Basket of Artisan Soaps

Choose a basket with your desired soap combination. Each basket comes with 3 artisan soaps, all packaged beautifully in a rustic wooden box.


Mira is a homegrown skincare brand offering artisan soaps and skincare products that are made in Singapore in small batches.  Created with sustainability in mind, products are to be gentle on your skin as well as on the environment. All products are formulated using skin loving ingredients and are free from skin irritants such as parabens, SLS, phthalates and other harsh chemicals.


Soap scent combinations: 


Gift Basket 1: Walnut Scrubby, Charcoal Tea Tree, Summer Fling


Gift Basket 2: Pink Grapefruit, Summer Fling, Walnut Scrubby


Gift Basket 3: Peppermint Candy, Walnut scrubby, Pink Grapefruit