Beautiful Wellness Gift Package

Beautiful Wellness Gift Package

These Artisanal soaps and scrubs are handmade and 100% vegan.


Random Acts of Art curates contemporary American Crafts that are handmade in the United States. They sell a range of funky to traditional, whimsical to practical items. Items include jewelry, pottery, glass, furniture, sculptures and more.



Florida Salt Scrub-Grapefruit (+ wooden spoon)

  • The only salt scrub that is made with mineral-rich, Atlantic sea salt ground down to a very specific extra fine grind
  • For use on your body, feet, and hands
  • 100% all-natural, non-greasy, vegan
  • Made with Coconut Oil

Hibiscus Tea Soap

  • Contains premium grade perfume oil, cosmetic grade fragrance oil, dried pods, flowers, and hibiscus.
  • Hand made from all natural, hypo allergenic & vegan vegetable glycerin soap base and contains no animal products.

Amethyst Soaprock

  • Net weight: 6oz.
  • Fragrance: Cucumber Ylang Garden
  • Not tested on animals, gentle for sensitive skin
  • Each soap rock is different and unique in it's own way. Thus, colors & shape may vary.