British Columbia Harvested Essential Oils

British Columbia Harvested Essential Oils

The pair of 5 mL essential oils are harvested from sustainably sourced conifer needles of The Great Bear Rainforest region of British Columbia. The area this rainforest represents a quarter of the world’s surviving coastal temperate rainforest.


The oils are steam-distilled by Great Bear Rainforest Essential Oils, a social enterprise that is supported by the Coastal First Nations Great Bear Initiative – a non-profit society and alliance of eight First Nations on British Columbia’s North and central Coast and Haida Gwaii. Support this company will help ensure sustainable employment and cultural health for these indigenous communities.




Rainforest Essential Oil Blend: This oil blend is made up of a combination of all four of their main line of oils (Shore Pine, Douglas Fir, Sitka Spruce & Western Hemlock) with the complimentary oils of Cedarwood and Lemon to bring you a unique Rainforest Blend. This blend is in a base of jojoba oil which allows you to dab sparingly on your skin or use in your favourite diffuser.


Shore Pine Essential OilsPine is a valuable resource for Coastal Indigenous peoples as an essential building material, as well as a springtime delicacy and topical ailment for body soreness and aches.