Coffee/Tea Gift Package

Coffee/Tea Gift Package

Tea or coffee? Why not both for a good caffeine boost! This coffee/tea package by Pure Intentions Coffee are made up of three items, black tea, light roast coffee blend and a reusable stainless steel to-go cup.


Tiger Spice Chai powder by David Rio: Is a black tea mixed with cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, and ginger. Each year a percentage of profits from Tiger spice Chai are donated to the International fund for animal welfare.


DestinoLight Roast Blend 12 oz package: This blend is composed of 50% Ethiopian washed coffee that brings a deep character and complex load of peach and tropical sweetness. The other 50% is Guatemalan Huehuetenango provides a caramel finish and creaminess.


The stainless steel cup is a 16 oz stainless steel cup by Kleen Kanteen.


You have the choice of whole bean or ground. Whole bean coffee for maximize shelf life.


Pure Intentions Coffee: Is a sustainable and educated coffee supply chain based in Charlotte ,North Carolina that attempts to improve living standards for coffee producers, roasters, transporters, and overall reducing the negative enviromental impacts of the coffee industry so consumers can have access to great coffee.

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