Complete Camel Milk Soap Sample Set

Complete Camel Milk Soap Sample Set

You won't need to buy soap in a very long time! Lather and moisturize with natural camel milk infused soap!


This camel milk soap sampling set includes:


Sadu Dubai 4 Soap Gift Box:

These soaps won't leave you dry, itchy and flaky. Sadu soap are triple milled from a conditioning blend of super-moisturising vegetable oils and with added camel milk that will not strip away your precious natural oils.


Rich in Alpha Hydroxy Acids, vitamins, minerals and anti-inflammatory proteins, camel milk adds a level of nourishing skincare not generally found in other soaps. Alpha Hydroxy Acids help to gently rejuvenate the skin, while the vitamins and minerals promote healthy growth. Combined with the humectant properties of the natural glycerin , you’ll find that with regular use, you’ll experience fresher younger looking skin.


Natural Camel Milk Offcuts

Also included in this package is 1 kg of misshaped camel milk soap. These soaps were collected from the making of other soaps, so no soaps have to go to waste!


Canvas Wash Bag(WHITE)

Lastly, include a good toiletry bag that is deceptively spacious and can hold up to 85 g of travel toiletries!

  • About the business

    Stevi Lowmass orginally started The Camel Soap Factory in the kitchen and it has grown to become a leading UAE skincare brand with loay customers across the globe! They are the world’s largest producer of camel milk-based skincare products with a wide range of handcrafted soaps.