Concrete and Wood Flowerpots

Concrete and Wood Flowerpots

Spice up any room with this beautiful and unique wooden and concrete flowerpot. It measures 10x30x10cm, and has a drain to remove excess water! 


*Product does not include plants*

  • About the business

    The Pillars of Espacio Mexicano:

    • Made in Mexico: Created by Mexican hands, who inspire us with their colors, culture and stories.
    • Artisan: All products are made with dedication, detail, time and a lot of love.
    • Quality: We seek excellence in each piece that makes up Espacio Mexicano.
    • Overcoming: A space that overcomes obstacles and crosses borders.
    • Commitment: We build and strengthen bridges. AND

    DE PALO Y TIERRA focuses on the design of spaces and objects that achieve contact with nature and the responsible use of resources, promoting reduction, reuse and recycling.