Food Bank Amsterdam

Food Bank Amsterdam

Looking to make a different kind of purchase? Consider donating to a local charity on behalf of the recipient. We have compiled a list of wonderful small charities that could use your support today.

  • Description of Charity

    In the Netherlands, more than a million people live below the poverty line. They don't have enough money to put a full meal on the table every day. We help these people by temporarily providing them with food parcels. In order to provide our customers with sufficient food, we work together with companies, institutions, municipalities and individuals. Together, we will combat poverty, eliminate surplus food and reduce environmental burden. To increase the self-reliance of our customers, we work with local organizations that help our customers get back on their feet. Food aid must always be temporary.

    We use the following core values as a measure of our actions:

    • We only work with volunteers.
    • We only provide free food donated by others.
    • We provide as much healthy food as possible and distribute it as fairly as possible.
    • We are neutral and independent ('citizens for citizens').
    • We are transparent in our accountability.