Handmade Valrhona French Chocolate & Confection

Handmade Valrhona French Chocolate & Confection

Enjoy these visually pleasing chocolate bars that are infused with natural flavour infusions!


Located in Toronto, Cocoa 40 is a local business that uses natural flavour infusions such as real herbs, spices, fruits and nuts! No artificial flavourings and are all handmade.


As part of their corporate social responsibility initiative with CAYR community Connections, $1 from every chocolate sold in the #Chocolate4Change collection is donated to 6 non-profits and charities in the GTA.




  • 1 Firecracker Bar that contains 36% Valrhona Azelia milk chocolate hazelnut gianduja and fizzle rocks (Contains dairy, soy and nuts. May contain gluten)
  • 1 Rainbow Bar that is made with 40% Jivara milk chocolate, caramel, malt, and vanilla. (Contains dairy, soy and malt. May contain traces of nuts)
  • 1 Sunset Bar that, along with being dairy free and vegan, has 37% Strawberry Inspiration chocolate, freeze-dried mango, and passion fruit! (Contains soy. May contain gluten and nuts)