Gift Package: Handcrafted Onyx Soap Dish + 4 Artisan Soaps

Gift Package: Handcrafted Onyx Soap Dish + 4 Artisan Soaps

Beautiful soap dishes hand-sculpted by Mexican artisans. These incredible pieces are unique and will give a natural touch to your bathroom.

And, do like surprises? Well, this is your chance to surprise yourself (or a friend)! This Gift Package also comes with a surprise box that will enhance your skincare experience.

What does the Surprise Box consist of?
When you choose a surprise box, we will send you 4 soaps (two with essential oil and two without essential oil) that we will select for you.

  • Description: 4 solid bar soaps (type Marseille Soap) of 150 grams each.
  • Free of: Toxins, chemicals, synthetic fragrances (phthalates), parabens, sulfates, micas, artificial colors, animal products (vegan!) and palm oil (eco-friendly!).
  • Ingredients: Look for the product that you have received on the Amoli website to find its specific ingredients.
Colour options
  • About the business

    Amoli is a Mexican brand of handmade soaps with a goal of being able to offer 100% natural products for personal care.

    The soaps are free from synthetic fragrances, toxins, parabens, phthalates, sulfates, micas or artificial colors and are completely vegan.

    Products are made with organic olive, coconut, shea butter and natural essential oils. We have the option of soaps with and without essential oil.