Gift Package: Handmade mug + Fruity Herbal Teas

Gift Package: Handmade mug + Fruity Herbal Teas

Try 2 fruity herbal teas that customers love! They have been best sellers since the company began. Its flavors are delicious, enjoy them hot and cold, both are spectacular.

The Gift Package includes: 1 Besos del Cielo, 1 Delicia de Guayaba, and a unique, handmade ceramic mug from Bárbara (who is a Mexican designer that creates unique pieces using a set of lathe, hand-building and molding techniques)

Besos del Cielo Ingredients: dehydrated strawberry from Puebla, organic vanilla bean from Oaxaca, blueberries, dehydrated apple from Veracruz and organic ceylan cinnamon from a coffee farm.

Delicia de Guayaba Ingredients: Dehydrated guava without sugar, dried apple from Veracruz, organic golden berries, blueberries, organic hibiscus flower from Michoacán, almonds and organic Ceylán cinnamon from Puebla.

  • About the business

    Nuestra Raiz is built on 3 pillars:

    • 100% natural. All products are natural, without flavorings, sugars, or preservatives. You can experience this in the notes and aromas of our infusions.
    • Made in Mexico. We are very proud to be a Mexican company, to consume Mexican flowers, herbs, spices, and above all to support thousands of Mexican families that are part of Nuestra Raíz.
    • Fair Trade. In Mexico, we have a great land that gives us many delicious ingredients. For this reason, we work directly with producers and small communities to encourage the local and circular economy.