Handmade mug & Fruity Herbal Teas

Handmade mug & Fruity Herbal Teas

The handmade mug is accompanied by two fruity herbal tea blends. Teas can be enjoyed both hot and cold.


Nuestra Raiz formulate their tea blends using only grown in Mexico ingredients. They are a Fair Trade tea brand that works directly with producers and small communities to encourage the local circular economy.



  • 1 Besos del Cielo
  • 1 Delicia de Guayaba
  • Handmade ceramic mug from Bárbara 

Besos del Cielo Ingredients: dehydrated strawberry from Puebla, organic vanilla bean from Oaxaca, blueberries, dehydrated apple from Veracruz and organic ceylan cinnamon from a coffee farm.

Delicia de Guayaba Ingredients: Dehydrated guava without sugar, dried apple from Veracruz, organic golden berries, blueberries, organic hibiscus flower from Michoacán, almonds and organic Ceylán cinnamon from Puebla.