Gift Set: Artisan Soap Collection with Hand and Body Set

Gift Set: Artisan Soap Collection with Hand and Body Set

Wash yourself in luxury! And mosturize and rejuvenates your skin with this olive oil infused soap and body cream collection!


Custom Soap Box


Handmade soaps are made with locally sourced olive oil, shea butter, pure essential oils and natural ingredients. These soaps are a celebration of Cape Floral Kingdom (fynbos). In addition, ingredients are sustainably sourced form local growers and producers, including the indigenous botanicals we used in our ranges, like organic honebush and rooibos teas, buchu essential oil, fynbos honey, cape lavender flowers and essential oil.


Try out these soaps with their custom soap box! In this gift package, you are to select 4 soaps from a range of soaps scents or have all the same!


Soap options:


Oatmeal & Lavender Soap: Oats is added to offer soothing and comfort to the skin, especially sensitive skin.


Wild Honebush & Rose Geranium Soap: Strong honeybush tea is brewed and added to the soap for it’s anti-fungal properties. It helps soothe the skin and reduces skin irritations


Cape Buchu and Lemongrass: Buchu has been used traditionally for it’s antifungal and anti oxidant properties. It is know to protect the skin.


Rooibos and Fybos Honey Scrub Bar: Honey is the ultimate skin aid. It is known to soothe, soften and moisturise. This soap exfoliates away dead skin cells without leaving your skin dry.


Can this collection get any better?


All-natural skincare collection


An all-natural skincare solution, made with Olive oil and unrefined shea butter. The liquid castile soaps washes away the dirt without striping the skin dry, and the thick body cream restores and rejuvenates the driest of skin.

Olive oil: high in anti-oxidants
Shea Butter: For deep moisturization.
Jojoba oil: to protect and restore
Aloe Gel: to offer maximum hydration and cell regeneration
And essential oils of Neroli and Sweet orange: to lightly scent the skin.


The all-natural skincare collection is packed in a beautiful handmade bag.

Soap 1
Soap 2
Soap 3
Soap 4
  • About the business

    O’LIVE was started in 2011, in the kitchen. Owners of O’LIVE started making natural organic handmade soap in their kitchen with a batch of just under 10 soaps so that the family can move towards a natural lifestyle and above all aid to help relieve their daughter’s eczema. Shortly after the first batch, the owners started sourcing olive oil, and pure essential oils from local farmers, as well as unrefined raw shea butter from Ghana.