Grow Your Own Asian Herb Garden

Grow Your Own Asian Herb Garden

Enjoy the love of seeing seedlings sprout, the first leaves develop, & the delicious taste it will add to your meals!  This starter box allows you to grow Thai Basil, Red Shiso and Coriander. 


The kit has been developed with all the needed tools to start growing, including a 12-pager instructions booklet (Starter Guide). It explains in easy steps how and when to sow, water, fertilize, harvest. It also includes a cooking recipe and a diary section where you can wrap-up all your learnings.



  •  3 Seed varieties (Certified Organic by the Bio Siegel & European Union) 
  • Natural substrate for the sowing phase
  • Biodegradable pots made of wood fiber
  • Fertilizer, made of plants
  • Wooden sticks
  • A Starter Guide - the bible for gardener dummies!
  • Online Plant Coach service- make a diagnostic of your garden anytime


100% organic, vegan, & regional &  plastic-free.

  • About the business

    Grüneo’s  making indoor gardening more accessible! Grüneo’s deliver the first DIY indoor gardening box for beginner gardeners that brings all-natural materials and technical support to grow a luscious garden on your windowsill.