Handmade Wooden Spatula & Spoons

Handmade Wooden Spatula & Spoons

This set of wooden utensils provides a more rustic charm to your kitchen. The long handled little spoons makes it ideal for sautéing or mixing summery drinks. In addition the square edge spatula is great as a scraper, and doubles as the perfect tool for cake frosting.


ELEAZAR WOOD CO was founded by Brad Archote; a rural Arkansas homesteader from South Louisiana, he was an organic farmer and woodworker since the 1970's. A love for food and cooking led to a love for handmade kitchen utensils. After Brad Archote passing on July 20,2014 his two daughters took over operations and crafting.


The goal is to grow their father's business and vision for sustainable living, passing it down to subsequent generations and sharing a small piece of it in your home through their individually crafted pieces.




  • Spoon Length: 9 ¼”
  • Spatula Length: 13”


All pieces are toxin free and easy to wash. Leave out of the dishwasher for the sake of longevity.

Spatula Wood Choice
Spoon Wood Choice