Hawaii Inspired Spa Day

Hawaii Inspired Spa Day

Detoxify and revive your precious skin with a mask formulation inspired by Hawaii island’s roots and eastern-Asian influence. Included in this gift is a grass bundle composed of 100% dried vetiver grass roots that can be burned like sage. Perfect for a relaxing evening.


Indigo Elixirs is a botanical apothecary located in Mānoa valley of O’ahu, Hawaii. All creations are formulated by a licensed herbalist and all ingredients are sourced from the Hawaiian Islands. Indigo Elixirs is eco-conscious and uses techniques and packaging that leaves the smallest possible carbon footprint.




Matcha Kalo Mask Ingredients: *Hawai'i Grown | ºOrganic ~ Kaolin Clay, *Maui Red Clay, ºRice Flour / Oryza sativa, ºMatcha Powder / Camellia sinensis, *Kalo (Taro) Powder / Colocasia esculente, Activated Coconut Shell Charcoal / Cocos nucifera.


VETIVER BUNDLES: Are dried roots of Vetiver grass, an ancient botanical plant that is planted locally to prevent erosion. They can be burned like sage to emit a deep grounding, woodsy smoke. They are harvested by Vetiver Farms Hawaii in Papaikou, Big Island.