Infuser and Herbal Tea Kit

Infuser and Herbal Tea Kit

Enjoy a white thermos infuser accompanied by your favorite herbal or fruity tisane! 

Tisana Frutal Delicia de Guayaba (Guava Delight) Ingredients: Dehydrated guava without sugar, dehydrated apple from Veracruz, organic golden berries, blueberries, organic hibiscus flower from Michoacán, almonds and organic Ceylon cinnamon from Puebla.

María Frutal Ingredients: dehydrated apple from Veracruz, dehydrated manila mango, organic Hibiscus flower, dehydrated coconut from Colima, dehydrated strawberry from Puebla and orange peel.

Tisana Herbal Verde Menta- Mint Green Ingredients (No contiene teína): Spearmint, white peppermint, and spearmint.
Options: Guava Delicia Fruity Tisane, Fruity Maria or Mint Green Herbal Tisane (Does not contain theine).

  • About the business

    Nuestra Raiz is built on 3 pillars:

    • 100% natural. All products are natural, without flavorings, sugars, or preservatives. You can experience this in the notes and aromas of our infusions.
    • Made in Mexico. We are very proud to be a Mexican company, to consume Mexican flowers, herbs, spices, and above all to support thousands of Mexican families that are part of Nuestra Raíz.
    • Fair Trade. In Mexico, we have a great land that gives us many delicious ingredients. For this reason, we work directly with producers and small communities to encourage the local and circular economy.