Raw Persimmon Vinegar by Hariyo-Haliyo

Raw Persimmon Vinegar by Hariyo-Haliyo

Ever tried using persimmons in your cooking? Now’s your chance to try!


This 720 ml bottle of fermented perismmons. The vinegar is made with “electrostatic fermentation” and is aged over two years. Delivering a deep and smooth taste with a aroma that spreads like wine.


Perismmons used here are grown in a well drained fan that spreads towards the Noshio Plain, giving a higher sugar content than other perismmons grown in other production areas.

  • About the business

    Hariyo-Haliyo is brewery located in kaitsu. It's brand name comes
    from hariyo, a natural monument and endangered freshwater fish
    that lives in kaitsu. Because it can only live in fresh water like spring water that maintains a constant water temperature throughout the year, the number has decreased steadily throughout the country, and it is now only found in limited places in southwestern Gifu Prefecture. Hariyo-Haliyo would like to contribute to activities to protect beautiful water and nature by inheriting the local environment for future generations through this project while borrowing the name of Hariyo as a brand name.