Self Care Tea and Bath Set

Self Care Tea and Bath Set

Detox your skin and body with a deep blue Detox Tea Blend, specifically formulated with Milk thistle, Hawthorn, Green tea and Botanicals (to assist the liver after all the Festive bubbly!).


Pair your deep blue detox tea blend with a spoon full of Wild flower Raw Honey for a delicious cup of wholesome goodness. 


Than add a Detox Salt Bath to your day to top things off! The detox bath salt is a special blend of Dead Sea salt, Magnesium, Kaolin clay, Fulvic acid and a selected blend of essential oils.  Your skin is your body’s biggest detoxing organ, this bath soak will assist in drawing out impurities and toxins through the skin, while the magnesium relaxes your mind and body, promoting better sleep and a calmer day.


Deep Blue Detox Sip & Soak Self care Set contains:

  • 60g Deep Blue detox loose leaf tea (30days supply)
  • Detox Bath Soak
  • Royal Blue Cup
  • Infuser
  • 125ml Wild Flower Health Honey