Shelter City for Human Rights Defenders

Shelter City for Human Rights Defenders

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Shelter city powered by peace and justice is an nationwide initiative in cooperation with a growing number of dutch cities and local organizations to protect human rights defenders from all over the world.


Human right defenders play an essential role in promoting democratic values, political freedoms, and civil rights. Thus, are often silenced, threatened, arrested, tortured and sometimes disappear.


If a human right defender feels threatened because of the work they do they can qualify for a stay of three months in one of the dutch Shelter cities: Amsterdam, The Hague, Groningen, Haarlem, Maastricht, Utrecht, Nijmegen, Middelburg, Zwolle, Tilburg, Rotterdam and Deventer.


Shelter cities allow human right defenders to continue their work in safety as well as improving their advocacy and safety skills Through trainings as well as growing their network of civil communities and political contacts