Sun Salt Soap by Taiyo no Shiosekken

Sun Salt Soap by Taiyo no Shiosekken

If you have sensitive skin or looking for new soaps for your infant this soap is for you! The soap was developed by people who were suffering from atopic dematitis. 


Infant and sensitive skin safe:

Sun Salt Soap is an additive-free, coloring-free, and fragrance free soap that was specially manufactured by a method called "Vacuum Compression Method". This method allowed them to add 20% seas salt, as well as sodium hyaluronic acid and collagen.



It also contains rice bran extract ingredients and astaxanthin, which has garner traction for it's anti-aging effects 

  • About the business

    Taiyo no Shiosekken launched this shop with the desire to bring smiles to many people who have problems with their skin.
    The sun salt soap is a soap that can be used with peace of mind for people with weak skin and babies.

    The hope is that the soap can help as many people as possible.