Sustainable Kitchen Cleaning Kit

Sustainable Kitchen Cleaning Kit

The kitchen cleaning kit will help replace old plastic-handled brushes and provide not only an eco friendlier swap but a new kitchen aesthetic!


The Zero Waste Cartel believes that minimising waste and helping the environment should be fun. They know the feeling of fulfilment when making a positive change but also understands that it’s difficult to complete lead a zero waste lifestyle. So they made it their mission to share knowledge and provide product options that help you cut down waste, enrich your home and provide you with that feeling of fulfillment.


In addition, with every order Zero Waste Cartel will plant a tree through there charity initiative. They have proudly planted 30,000 trees across the USA and the rest of the world.




  • 4 multi purpose wooden dish brushes
  • 100% plant-based bristles: coconut & sisal
  • 1 all-purpose long handed brush
  • 1 water bottle brush
  • 2 veggie cleaners
  • 1 cotton carry case