Vegan Gluten-Free Cookie Box

Vegan Gluten-Free Cookie Box

 If you enjoy sweets but have a vegan and gluten-free dietary restriction than this gift is perfect for you! This cookie set not only satisfies dietary restrictions but also are colored and are beautifully shaped!


Ingredients: Almond poodle, beet sugar, taihaku sesame oil, rice flour, white sorghum flour, potato starch, coconut flower, salt 麴, pumpkin powder, purple potato powder, matcha powder, beet powder, strawberry powder

  • About the business

    Graduated from Tsuji confectionery college as a pastry chef. 
    Atelie Yuki encountered a situation where a girl can only 
    eat gluten-free, egg-free, dairy and white sugar-free candy. 
    Aware of this situation, Atelie Yuki pursued to make sweets
    for children and adults with allergies. Wanting everyone
    to smile around sweets, and wanted to deliver sweets that
    everyone could eat with peace of mind.

    No flour, eggs, dairy products, white sugar. Atelie Yuki make sweets using organic ingredients and pesticide-free fruits and vegetables as much as possible.