Wattleseed Hot Chocolate: 2 Tins

Wattleseed Hot Chocolate: 2 Tins

This rich hot chocolate powder is flavoured with the nutty-coffee aroma of wattleseed along with aniseed myrtle and raw sugar. How do you use it? Simply add to hot milk and enjoy!!! 


"Kara Meta" refers to how this line of chai incorporates beautiful Australian Indigenous herbs and spices including wattleseeds, cinnamon myrtle, and pepperberry, along with cardamon, star anise, cloves, and organic rooibos (naturally caffein-free) to create a delicious and aromatic beverage.


Each tin is 100g.

  • About the business

    Mabu Mabu is passionate about native ingredients, and use a variety of Indigenous herbs, fruits, succulents and spices in all of their dishes. This Indigenous Cafe and Catering business wants to create a truely Australian cuisine by helping people to understand native flavours, and to use them in their every-day cooking.