Wooden Chopping Board

Wooden Chopping Board

This medium paddle board can be used for serving cheese and for light carving. It is beautifully crafted to resemble an old butter paddle.


Weight – 1 kg
Dimensions – 12 x 9 in
Board Use – Carving, Cheese, Serving (table)

  • About the business

    Burnbury creates wood prodcuts from fallen trees or from local sustainable sources in Lisnavagh. Each timber used in producing your wood product has been traced and has been given a unique identification number.That number is then traced through every single stage of the crafting process, and you’ll find it stamped on the back of every Bunbury Board you buy.

    This allows you to trace the complete history surrounding the timber used. 

    In addition Bunbury works consistently and diligently to be sustainable and ensure there is continued growth and maintance of the beautiful Irish woodlands for future generations.