Why Support Local Businesses

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Here’s why it’s important to support them:

  1. They make a positive impact to the local economy

  2. They support communities and job creation

  3. They are often sustainable shopping alternatives

  4. They prioritize the customers experience

  5. They create unique products that can't be found elsewhere

Meet some of our Local Creators & Artisans

Kushboo Soaps
Creator: Sarwat Jalee

Kushboo Soaps strives to make the best ethical soap with natural ingredients, love, and knowledge and wisdom of herbs and spices that have been passed down for generations. The founder, Sarwat Jalee, started making soaps after experiencing the amazing ways that a beautiful scented soap could lift her spirits during an extended hospital stay. She saw it as a reminder of how little things can somehow make all the difference, even if just for a few moments.

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We love that from day one Sarwat has been committed to giving back to her community. Kushboo Soaps is rooted in Sarwat’s parents’ teachings around helping the vulnerable and giving back to the community. From the beginning, they have donated a soap to charity for every bar purchased, starting with a local homlessness charity and now extended to a Women’s Refuge and various food banks. As they highlight on their website: “When we buy local, we help build and grow community”.

“There seemed to be no limits to finding a health, beauty or wellbeing solution from natural sources in my mother’s Indian kitchen.”

- Sarwat Jalee

​Desert Provisions
Creators: Amanda Horton & Alex Bradspies

Desert Provisions is a women owned and operated business founded in Tucson, Arizona in 2017. It was co-founded by Amanada Horton and Alex Bradspies who are passionate about the beauty of the desert and creating delicious food! All chile powders, salt blends and sonoran sea salt are made and sourced from the desert regions of the American Southwest.

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We love the care they put in their food products as well as their commitment to protecting the planet. Desert Provisions is a member of One Percent for the Planet, an international organization that requires members to donate 1% of their annual sales to environmental causes. So any gift purchased from Desert Provisions contributes directly to protecting the planet and growing local economies!

Neighbourhood Coffee
Creator: Barry Hillier

This coffee house was formed from two neighbourhood friends' love for coffee. Neighbourhood Coffee aims to celebrate the diversity and beauty of Toronto, Ontario through their small batch, roasted coffee. They are inspired by the city and often work alongside local artists to explore their surroundings from various perspectives and incorporate them into their coffee.

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Their motto is “Neighbours help Neighbours” and they have been supporting and working directly with a community arts initiative called SKETCH. This initiative helps nurture the talents of marginalized youth through the arts. 10% of their net profits go directly to SKETCH, so any gift ordered from Neighbourhood Coffee will help support these artists in marginalized groups. In addition, Neighbourhood Coffee works with the SKETCH community in co-creating opportunities for these artists to showcase their incredible work for the community.

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